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NEHA's Radon Page
NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) has been selected to administer the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP). They provide lists of certified individuals and laboratories.

The above list is being updated constantly and may NOT have everyone included yet.

There are currently two methods to find listed/certified companies and individuals. The NEHA list and/or your state's radon program listing. To use the NEHA list, go to their website and scroll down to the section "Lists of Certified Individuals". Then choose the credential that you are looking for, such as measurement, mitigation or laboratories. When asked to choose a state, you are given a list of individuals whose businesses reside in that state. If you live in a small state or near the border of a neighboring state, you may want to search another state list.

State Radon Contacts
Some states have their own radon program and they keep a list of individuals and companies that provide radon measurement and mitigation services that are not included on any of the above national list. States with some form of radon certification include: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Some also offer help in the form of free or very low cost test devices. Be sure to check with your's to make sure you don't miss out on these taxpayer supported programs.
You can read, print, or download any of the US EPA's (10+)Radon Publications
They also maintain a radon page with dozens of resource links and listings.
U.S. EPA's Radon Home Page
A recently published paper which assesses the association between radon exposure and lung cancer. The paper's lead author is R. William Field, Ph.D., University of Iowa
Regional Radon Training Centers
This page provides a list of the US EPA Radon Training Centers.
Lung Cancer Statistical Facts
This page presents eleven different statistical facts about lung cancer that you may find very interesting.
Pitmaster Rainwater Handling System
Designed by the ESP Corporation for the health conscious consumer, Pitmaster is the practical and safe alternative to interior sump pumps.
The Pitmaster keeps rainwater where it belongs, OUTSIDE!
The Pitmaster eliminates the basement sump pit, which is a very a common entry point for radon gas.
RadonSeal concrete sealer penetrates deep inside concrete, neutralizes harmful chemicals, forcefully expands into even microscopic pores and hardens. The result is a denser and stronger concrete, resistant to deterioration, sealed permanently against radon, water, and dampness. RadonSeal provides the most simple, effective and affordable radon mitigation, and waterproofing of concrete.
The NASIRE listing of State Web Sites
This page provides a direct links to your state's main web site. Many states have a site page dedicated to their radon department. You will need to access their search feature or their index listing and then look for RADON or Departm ent of Health.

This is a very useful link because you will be able to find all types of state government related information.
The National Cancer Institute Analysis of Home Radon Studies
This page summarizes the NCI analysis of home radon studies that finds increase in lung cancer risk is in line with predictions from miner studies .

An entensive publication (40 pages) on Radon and remediation methods produced jointly by Health Canada and Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporatin. To read the Adobe Acrobat file, you will need the free Adobe Reader available from Adobe Systems Incorporated.


The National Institutes of Health Q & A on Radon & Cancer
This page answers the most common questions about radon gas exposure and cancer.
The National Safety Council's Radon Site
This site has additional radon testing information and links. They also operate the US EPA's 800-SOS-RADON Hot-line.

Latest BEIR VI Report

Dr. Jonathan Samet's Public Briefing on February 19, 1998.

Health Effects of Exposure to Radon (BEIR VI)

The latest report by a committee of the National Research Council states that Indoor radon contributes to about 12 percent of lung cancer deaths each year in the United States.

This site contains information very helpful for students looking for elemental facts about radon such as the atomic structure, a sketch of the electron configuration, a list of several radon isotopes and more.

A link to the radon page on Mark Winter's excellent "WebElements" site at the University of Sheffield, England.

If you are conducting some serious scientific research about radon gas, you will find the answer here!

Radioactive Decay Chart
An easy to read chart showing the decay chain from urainum to non-radioactive lead.
Table of Isotopes
This site is a source for the table of isotopes and related materials.
The Radiation Information Network
This site is an excellent source of information about all types of radiation. It covers the most basic concepts explaining radioactive transformation and provides answers to some of your most complex questions.
From the Health Library
A list of over 50 articles in various publications about Radon's health effects.
U.S.G.S. Radon Maps, etc.
United States Geological Survey site outlining sources of radon within the earth.
By Dr. A.B. Brill, University of Massachusetts Medical Center
US EPA and NCRP action levels compared, mitigation strategies, dosimetry, effects, prepared by the snm committee on radiobiological effects of ionizing radiation.
Lab researchers uncover new effects of radon emissions on human cells

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., July 15, 1997 - Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers have uncovered new evidence of how radioactive emissions from radon and its decay products induce cellular changes that could lead to cancer.

Radiation and Health Physics Home Page
Nicely laid out and considered site giving a scientific perspective on the dangers of radon. An excellent resource for answers to all sorts of questions about radiation, in general.
The National Science Foundation
Their web site is loaded with other types of scientific information that may be useful to students, faculty, and other interested parties.
The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
Their web site provides practical health care information, research findings, and data to help consumers, health providers, health insurers, researchers, and policymakers make informed decisions about health care issues.
You can get additional information about Radon, by calling your State Radon Contact
The Radon FIX-IT Program at: 1-800-644-6999

The Radon Fix-it Line operated by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) provides guidance and encouragement to consumers with elevated radon levels of 4 pCi/L or higher to take the necessary steps toward fixing their homes.

The Fix-it Line is available to assist consumers between noon and 8pm,
Monday through Friday EST.

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